Meteorology Test II Review

Meteorology Test II

Below is a listing of some topics you can expect to see on this week's test.

Weather Fronts (why and where precipitation occurs in relation to them, weather changes associated with them)

Pressure systems (high/low, weather associated and wind direction)

Air masses (types, how they form)

Wind (how it forms, location of greatest wind speed)

Station Models (remember how to convert into and out of code! Out of code: Add a 10 or a 9 move the decimal add units. Into code: drop the 10 or 9 and decimal)


Weather movement across the US and NY (remember most storms move the west to the east in weather systems or especially in NY storms track in the North East)

Evaporation (factors effecting)

Dew point and Relative Humidity (what it is and how to calculate)

Phase changes of water

Precipitation (types and why it happens)

Sample Questions

Below are some sample questions you may expect to see on the test

Use Castle Learning data set with the same name as this test. It will provide you with sample questions AND feedback!

Mobile Friendly Questions (HTML5)

Questions File (PDF download and software required)

Review Games

Below are some review games that can help you prepare for the exam.

Weather Terms


Air Masses And Fronts/Severe Weather

Review Intro To Weather

Dewpoint And Relative Humidity

Humidity Dew Point Severe Weather


Phase Changes