Surface Processes Test

Below is a listing of some topics you can expect to see on this week's test.

Chemical Weathering (types and examples of)

Mechanical Weathering (types and examples of)

Relationship between surface area and rate of weathering

Erosion (methods and characteristics)

Deposition (methods and characteristics)

Soil (how it forms and different horizons)

Rivers (especially river speed, cross sections and areas erosion/deposition)

Glaciers (formation and how it relates to Long Island)

Landscapes of New York

Groundwater and Porosity/Permeability

Sample Questions

Below are some sample questions you may expect to see on the test

Use Castle Learning data set with the same name as this test. It will provide you with sample questions AND feedback!

Mobile Friendly Questions (HTML5)

Questions File (PDF download and software required)

Review Games

Below are some review games that can help you prepare for the exam.


Weathering Rates

Soils etc.

More Soil