Geologic History Test

Below is a listing of some topics you can expect to see on this week's test.

Understand how to read and interrupt pg 8-9 ESRT chart

Geologic time scale (what it is and how it is divided)

Relative dating (original horizontality, superposition, exceptions, intrusions)

Folds and faults (what they are and how they relate to dating rocks)

Rock correlation (index fossils, volcanic ash, unconformities)

Radioactive dating (what it is, how it works)

Half-Life (nothing can change it)

C-14 vs. U-238

Sample Questions

Below are some sample questions you may expect to see on the test

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Review Games

Below are some review games that can help you prepare for the exam.

Geologic History 1

Absolute And Relative Age Dating

Absolute And Relative Dating

Correlation Of Rock Layers

Radioactive Dating