1. A stream has a source at an elevation of 1,000.
meters. It ends in a lake that has an elevation of
300. meters. If the lake is 200. kilometers away
from the source, what is the average gradient of
the stream?
(1) 1.5 m/km (3) 10. m/km
(2) 3.5 m/km (4) 15 m/km
2. Base your answer to the following question on
the topographic map below. A, B, C, and D are
locations on the map.
Between which two locations does the steepest
gradient occur?
(1) A and B (3) C and D
(2) B and C (4) A and C
3. Point A and point B are locations 0.24 mile apart
on a ski slope in northern New York. Point A
has an elevation of 1,560 feet and point B has an
elevation of 1,800 feet. What is the gradient
between these points?
(1) 60 ft/mi (3) 500 ft/mi
(2) 240 ft/mi (4) 1,000 ft/mi
4. The diagram below represents contour lines on a
topographic map with cross-section line AB.
Which diagram best represents the topographic
profile along line AB?
5. Base your answer to the following question on the contour map below. Points A, B, C, D, X, and Y are locations
on the map. Elevations are expressed in feet. The maximum elevation of Basket Dome is indicated at point X.
In which general direction does Tenaya Stream flow?
(1) southeast to northwest (2) northwest to southeast (3) southwest to norheast (4) northeast to southwest