1. Which statement is the best example of heat energy
transfer by conduction?
1) Heat energy is transferred from the bottom to the top
of a lake.
2) Heat energy is transferred from the surface soil to
the rocks below.
3) Heat energy is transferred from the Earth's surface to
the upper atmosphere.
4) Heat energy is transferred from the Sun to the Earth.
2. Which process is primarily responsible for the transfer of
energy by air currents within the Earth's atmosphere?
1) convection 3) absorption
2) radiation 4) conduction
3. By which process does starlight travel through space?
1) absorption 3) convection
2) conduction 4) radiation
4. Which substance has the highest specific heat?
1) iron 3) lead
2) water 4) granite
5. The diagram below shows the isolines of air pressure
around a low-pressure center. On which side of the low-
pressure center will the wind speed be greatest?
1) north 3) east
2) south 4) west
6. The graph below shows the surface air pressure at a
certain city during a five-day period. On which day was
the warmest airmass probably over the city for the entire
1) Monday 3) Wednesday
2) Tuesday 4) Friday
7. As the temperature of the atmosphere at a given location
increases, the air pressure will most likely
1) decrease 3) remain the same
2) increase
8. The properties of an airmass depend mainly on the
1) wind speed within the airmass
2) characteristics of the surface over which the airmass
was formed
3) size of the airmass
4) rotation of the Earth
9. A cool breeze is blowing toward the land from the ocean
on a warm, cloudless summer day. This condition is
most likely caused by
1) a high-pressure system over the land
2) a hurricane approaching from the ocean
3) a cold front that is slowly approaching the land from
the ocean
4) the air temperature being higher over the land than
over the ocean
10. In the Northern Hemisphere, what is the direction of
surface wind circulation in a low-pressure system?
1) counterclockwise and outward from the center
2) counterclockwise and toward the center
3) clockwise and outward from the center
4) clockwise and toward the center
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Answer Key
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Answer Key
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1. 2
2. 1
3. 4
4. 2
5. 3
6. 3
7. 1
8. 2
9. 4
10. 2