Current Events Extra Credit

All articles are due 5 days before the end of each marking period and points will be awarded based thoroughness and relevance to earth science.


Locate a news article related to a topic we have learned or will be learning in earth science. Articles can be from online, newspaper, and/or a magazine. Print or copy the entire article and provide a 50-100 word typed or VERY neatly written summary of the article and attach it to the article and submit. That's it.

Having a hard time finding an article? If so, visit the "News" sections of my site by clicking here. You will find science related articles updated daily.


1) Read the entire article.

2) Provide a short and sweet summary of the entire article.

3) The longer the article does not mean the more credit you will be receiving.

4) Please do not go over 100 words in the summary. The more you write does not necessarily mean the more points you will get.

5) Keep the topics related to earth science.

6) Please do not copy or allow other people to copy.