Extra Credit

Did you know: The giant squid has the largest eye of any animal. Its as big as a car's hubcap.

Extra credit allows you to develop a better understanding of a certain topic. In exchange for your effort to learn science, you will be rewarded with a few extra points.

Extra credit is NOT a way for you to pull your grade up 25, 15 or 10 points 2 days before the end of the marking period.

Mix and match from the types below, for a maximum of 5 points on your marking period grade. Example 1: you can watch (1) movie and (3) current events. Example 2: watch (2) movies, and do (1) current event. Its up to you how many you choose to do. Enjoy!

All extra credit is DUE 5 days before the end of the marking period!

Extra Credit Possibilities

1) Movies (2 pts. per film, max 2 per marking period)

2) Current Events (1 pt. for each article, max 4 per marking period)

3) Google Earth (2 pts. and you can only do this once for the year)